Register ONLINE!

You need a business name for people to google and find you online. This process is what we call Domain Name Registration. You must register before you can trade over the internet, this process sounds very complicated but LOGOS has simplified it for you. Like an address on a map that directs people to your location, a Domain Name delivers customers straight to your website. Scroll down to learn more.

Before You Register
For people to easily find you over the internet, you have to register with a name they are familiar with and one which is legally registered. The business registrar online is very different from your country registrar thus sometimes you will find your company name belonging to someone else over the internet.
Pick a name that's easy for people to memorize and spell. Pick a name that makes you stand out, the name you register is unique e.g. a physical address or phone number. Once you register, you can’t edit the name however you can apply for another one if need arises. Therefore, pick a name that reflects your true identity, a name people will never forget but always remember.
Run A Name Search